Product Feature


 Low Smell , Vivid Color ,Stable Quality, Wide Color Gamut

High Weather Resistant, Smooth Printing, Solvent Ink 100% Purity , Prevent For Clogged The Print Head

 High Climate-Resistant , Good Fluency , High Dynamic Suit For High - Speed Printing

 Outdoor Durability 24 Months

 Shelf Life Under Conventional Storage Condition 12 – 24 Months

Ontain Valid Active Factors , can Protect Printhead , clean The Tube Of Ink


Product Advantage

 SEpson UV Flush Have Did Lots Of Times Test , Clogging Free , Printing Speed , Support Fast Printing , One Hour Print 300 Square Meters , Not Clog Head

. Strong Compatibility, Meeting The Needs Of Different Printers, Matching Well With Various Dielectric

 . Flush low odor . It is good for for the health of printer operators and the global environment friendly .

 . Clean Production Workshop, Completely Removing Impurity Particles Blocking Nozzle In The Ink

 . Can Offer Msds For Our Solvent Ink , We Can Ship By DHL / FedEx For Samples