heat transfer inks

Product Description:


bulk sublimation ink printer ink
Smooth printing with nozzle
No clogging, no fettling and bending
Using imported raw material



The sublimation ink is Stable performance, excellent vivid color reducibility; trouble free for variety and succession printing, good anti-UV and water proof.


Outstanding image quality on a wide range of media


The bulk sublimation ink printer ink with good price and better after-sale service, popular in the printing market, we can always get positive feedback from our customers.






1. Transfer Rate is usually more than 80%. It will reach up to 90% on specialty coated transfer paper.


2. Our sublimation ink guarantees maximum color gamut and photo-realistic printout.


3. Smooth printing with nozzle clogging-free, settling-free, and bending-free.


4. Having soft hand feels after transferring to polyester fabrics or other textile.


5. The transferred printout is scratch-proofed and wash-resistant. The image will not cracked, peeled or discolored, and good weather durability.


Good transfer on fabric, cotton, plastic,T-shirts, cups, bags, uniforms... etc.




 High quality sublimation ink for Epson L800 L801 printer